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Kid show mutterings

We no longer have cable. Like more people seem to be doing, what TV we watch is from Netflix and Hulu. Now part of the decision was because most of the TV we watch are the kid shows the girls like. As I’ve stated in the past, there are some very good cartoons and such that the kids like. There are some that are irritating but still okay. Then there are those that are so horrible, so cringe-inducing that we do¬†our best to prevent the kids from watching them.

The bombardment of child-focused television causes my brain to enter strange places. Are these thoughts normal for all parents? Is my chemically imbalanced mind alone the place these thoughts dwell? You be the judge.

#1) How does Telly from “Sesame Street” not have ulcers yet?

#2) I think most of the problems on “Curious George” could be resolved by NOT letting the monkey run around unattended.

#3) Also in regards to #2, Curious George is an ape! He is not a monkey!

#4) The merkids on “Bubble Guppies” seem to be the only ones of their kind, surrounded by fish and sea creatures. So are they actually mutant fish or some form of Missing Link?

#5) How does Ramone on “Peg+Cat” have so many jobs? Does he still go to school or did he test out due to a superior IQ?

#6) I find “Wallykazam” much funnier than I probably have any right to as an adult.

#7) Am I the only one who looks at “Doc McStuffins” and sees the potential for a future supervillain?

#8) What do the parents in “The¬†Pajanimals” actually look like? Did the mom naturally give birth to four different animal species or is this a case of adoption?

#9) The puppets and makeup for “LazyTown” are terrifying.

#10) Has anyone involved with the creation of “Caillou” been brought to justice?

These are but a sample of the things I now consider. They pop into my head at unexpected times. The related show doesn’t even need to be on. What have I become?



Before the coffee kicks in – Round 3

Some mornings involve lots of fussing. Phoebe is a force of nature and as sweet as Zoe is, sometimes she is a little howler monkey. They have broken my brain and the caffeine isn’t helping yet. So here are some of the marbles rolling around in my skull.

Am I disgruntled or only mildly gruntled?

I should hurl jars of bees at those who displease me.

Why does the cat hang out in the tub?

I like peanut butter on English muffins.

I should never have real power. It would be like giving me the One Ring.

My days of pooping in peace appear to be over.

Am I a good husband?

Will my kids stop loving me one day?

I want a talking animal sidekick.

Will Hagen-Daaz ever make their eggnog ice cream again?

That appears to be all I have. I wish I could go back to bed, but it seems I need to remove a stinky diaper. To battle!