Monthly Archives: April 2018

Still around

I don’t know if there is anyone out there who still reads this, but I figured I should acknowledge that I haven’t forgotten this blog. I actually ended up on a forced hiatus due to lack of time, focus, and a functional laptop. Now that the third issue has been addressed, I am attempting to deal with the first two problems.

There has been a lot of stuff going on with both my family and my own noisy head. This has all required my attention. These things will continue to be a priority and I doubt this will change anytime soon. I’ve also been trying to talk about my family a little less. This eliminates one of my more common topics.

I mentioned before that I’m considering other writing projects. What creative energy I have is currently being directed at coming up with ideas for other mediums. They may never see the light of day, but this is what is in my head at this time.

So I guess while the hiatus was not intentional, it will probably continue a bit more. At least until I have something worth saying on this platform.

Just letting you all know.