Monthly Archives: January 2015

Before the coffee kicks in – Round 3

Some mornings involve lots of fussing. Phoebe is a force of nature and as sweet as Zoe is, sometimes she is a little howler monkey. They have broken my brain and the caffeine isn’t helping yet. So here are some of the marbles rolling around in my skull.

Am I disgruntled or only mildly gruntled?

I should hurl jars of bees at those who displease me.

Why does the cat hang out in the tub?

I like peanut butter on English muffins.

I should never have real power. It would be like giving me the One Ring.

My days of pooping in peace appear to be over.

Am I a good husband?

Will my kids stop loving me one day?

I want a talking animal sidekick.

Will Hagen-Daaz ever make their eggnog ice cream again?

That appears to be all I have. I wish I could go back to bed, but it seems I need to remove a stinky diaper. To battle!


Another year

2014 is done for. 2015 has arrived. So far, it doesn’t feel any different.

It has been a few weeks since I last posted, primarily due to holiday insanity. This has left my brain in a state which resembles some form of pudding. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure when it will fully recover. Perhaps I should eat more bran?

I am not one of those people who makes New Year’s Resolutions, mainly because I know I will not keep them. So I will not pretend that I’ve miraculously changed just because I have to remember it’s 2015 when I sign my time sheet at work.

What I will do is share a few things that I hope I can accomplish this year. I will call these my New Year’s “I Think I Cans”.

1 – I will actually make an effort to eat better because I’ll be damned if I’m buying bigger pants.

2 – I will make sure that my wife, as “crazypants” as she can be, never questions that I love her.

3 – I will finally convince the cat that the world is not trying to eat her.

4 – I will make sure my girls continue to grow into beautiful people and not smelly jerks.

5 – I will play as many games, both video and table top, as possible.

6 – I will not let work stress me out as much as I can help it. I am, of course, human and prone to bitching.

7 РI will come up  with more interesting blog posts than this one.