Before the coffee kicks in….

This is an experiment of sorts. Haven’t been awake for quite an hour yet and my wife is out hiking. The girls have had breakfast (or at least only played with some of it) and are watching the Disney Channel. My brain is still muddy. So let’s see what comes out of it before I start to think too clearly. The ravings of the not-yet-fully-caffeinated.

The cat looks like a loaf of bread right now.

When is the next D & D game and will we actually have all the players?

Am I actually any good at being a dad or are these kids screwed?

Where did quality XBox time go?

I work with a lot of bitchy people. Or, you know, people.

How much pooping will I do today?

I wish my insurance would let me go back to therapy.

I wonder if my girls will ever be actual friends? Not just sisters.

I think I’m in trouble if I can’t make myself eat better.

They need to have pumpkin donuts year-round, which wouldn’t help with the previous statement.

What’s it like to be cool?

Okay. Experiment over. I’m starting to think too much and Phoebe is demanding my attention. Rambling is done.


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