The Papa curse

There is this thing that follows the men in my family. Perhaps it’s genetic. More likely, it is some diabolical curse that has caught up with me.

My paternal grandfather was Papa Joe. One of the things that I remember most clearly about him was this ability to just fall asleep wherever he was sitting. He would be surrounded by noisy grandchildren or adults having a conversation, yet he would be asleep. He would wake up pretty easily, but it was definitely something he got teased about.

My dad has done this for a few years. My parents will be over for a visit and he will do the same thing. It doesn’t matter how loud my kids are. If he’s tired enough, he will just fall asleep. You look over and there he is, head tilted back and mouth open, occasionally snoring. He has been struck by the nap demon.

And now….I do it to.

I will be sitting with my girls in the play room. We will be watching Sesame Street or something when I suddenly feel a wave of exhaustion. I let my eyes close for a moment. Then, one of two things usually happens.

1) I wake myself up.

2) Phoebe shakes my leg and yells, “Wake up, daddy!” Then she laughs and waits to see if I fall asleep again so she can wake me up again. Comedy gold as far as my daughter is concerned.

I don’t know if this is something that comes up you with age or with kids. I don’t know if this happens to my brother or my cousins. If it is genetic in the male line, Phoebe and Zoe may be spared. If it is, in fact, a curse by some diabolical witch doctor as I suspect then my kids may very well be screwed. And frequently sleepy.


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