The iron grip of children’s television

There is little middle ground with the shows my kids watch. Either they are pretty good or they are crotch-kickingly awful. No matter what, I can’t escape. The kids shows are everywhere. They are taking over.

The Most Annoying: Phoebe is currently obsessed with The Fresh Beat Band. It’s basically a poor man’s Monkees. Four kids are in a band and have wacky adventures. They also seem to live in a mall for some reason. And the songs are stupid. So of course, Phoebe memorizes them and the choreography. I find myself singing them when I’m at work. I hate it.

Other dishonorable mentions are Little Einsteins, Max and Ruby, and The Micky Mouse Clubhouse. Also, the makers of Caillou deserve a special place in Hell. God, that show sucks!

My Favorite: I really like that Phoebe watches Peg+Cat. It’s just a cute show about a girl and her cat that teaches math and problem solving. Math is a weakness of mine so anything that helps my girls in that subject is awesome. It can also be funny on a grownup level as well as a kid level. I should mention that Cat is kind of shaped like an eggplant and this amuses me.

Other shows I like are Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Doc McStuffins, and the classic that is Sesame Street. I also don’t mind Yo Gabba Gabba, even though this is one of the most bizarre shows I’ve ever seen. This is coming from a guy who remembers The Great Space Coaster.


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