The inner badger

Sometimes I hold Zoe and she cuddles up to me with her thumb in her mouth. Sometimes I’m sitting on the couch and Phoebe will climb up next to me and just lean against me. Moments like these, besides prompting my wife to get out the camera, make me think that the girls look at me like I am the safest thing in the world. Daddy will protect them from everything.

Aw, crap! I know the reality.

There are lots of things that I just can’t protect them from. Truthfully, there are things I shouldn’t protect them from even though I want to. They will need to be disappointed, have their feelings hurt, and things that will break my heart to see but I know are just a part of growing up.

This post is mainly about the other stuff. The things or people out there that want to truly injure them, scar them, or take things away from them that they shouldn’t lose. Zoe’s sweetness. Phoebe’s friendliness. The innocence that will leave them eventually but should happen in it’s own time.

To anyone/anything that even thinks about hurting that, I am about to do something that is very un-beta male. I am about to make a threat.

Stay away from my girls. I will hurt you.

I hear the chuckles from the peanut gallery right now and it isn’t unexpected. I’m not a threatening or scary guy. I don’t get mad very easily. No one is really afraid of poking the bear when it comes to me. Which is fine. Honestly, the only bear I probably have anything in common with is Winnie-the-Pooh.

It’s the inner badger you should worry about.

Let me tell you about badgers. They are short and kind of stocky. They are very unassuming. They are kind of cute. They are the symbol of Hufflepuff at Hogwarts. And if anything attacks them or their families they get very, very nasty.

Go on youtube. Look for the videos of badger vs. grizzly bear or badger vs. two coyotes. The badger takes them on and doesn’t back down. That is me. Don’t hurt my kids. Hell, don’t hurt my wife. She doesn’t need me to stick up for her but that doesn’t mean I won’t. Don’t go after my family. I will protect them. I will throw my whole short, chubby little body at you. I will fight dirty. And I will fight to hurt. Not kill. I don’t want to kill. If something tries to hurt my girls, I want it to still be around at the end to realize that this little hobbit of a man took a chunk of it’s skin out with his teeth. Did I mention on Pottermore, I got sorted into Hufflepuff? I’m actually proud of that.

Don’t poke the badger.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go play puzzles with Phoebe.


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