The Perils of Dolly

Once again, my toddler came to me asking, “Where is Dolly?”

Phoebe doesn’t have a lot of what you might call lovies. She has a little seahorse that plays music and glows which she calls Mewskeet (though sometimes she actually says Music), who she sleeps with. She also has Dolly, which is just this little doll she’s had since she was an infant. She drags that thing all over the place when she’s home. Lisa and I don’t really let her take when we go out for fear that it gets left somewhere. I’ve never seen the doll somewhere else so replacing it may be impossible.

What happens, often due to Phoebe’s hummingbird level attention span, is that she will get distracted and put Dolly down somewhere. She will eventually realize what happened and the “Where is Dolly” will begin. Sometimes it’s as easy as pointing to the floor a few feet away. Again, she’s 3. Hummingbird attention span, remember?

There are other times when we actually have to search. Most recently, Dolly had been left in the bedroom and had fallen under the bed. Baby Zoe had, of course, just been put down to nap after a morning of super cranks. So it was up to me to sneak in and look around Phoebe’s bed as quietly as possible, for fear of waking the monster that is a teething Zoe. Luckily, the doll was found, the baby stayed asleep, and Phoebe scampered off contented.

Dolly has been shoved into corners. Dolly has been found in the hands of the baby. Dolly had to be thrown in the washing machine because she got so dirty and we were afraid Phoebe would freak out. She didn’t. She was actually amused that Dolly needed a bath.

I have zero problem with Phoebe being attached to this doll. We all have our metaphorical security blankets, even as adults. Again, my fear is of the day that Dolly really does vanish. Will it ever come? How will we cope? What if Dolly gets damaged  beyond repair?

The suspense may drive me mad. Mad, I say!


One thought on “The Perils of Dolly

  1. Have you introduced the girls to the wonder that is Mo Willems? If not I think a reading on Knuffle Bunny and its sequels are a must (for all of you) in preparation for a possible loss of Dolly.

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